Wood Species
We manufacture a large selection of products, primarily in maple (hard and soft), oak and cherry. If you require other specialty woods, please consult with our sales staff regarding prices and availability.

Metal Spindles & Shoes *New Product Line*
We are excited to offer a NEW product line of 43 in. x 1/2 in. Metal Spindles with Black Matt finish in Plain, Single Knuckle and Double Knuckle styles and Black Matt finish Shoes in four styles. Call our Wholesale Outlet for availability.

Mouldings and Rails
In addition to our stock profiles, we provide a custom service capable of producing mouldings of your own. Customers can work directly with our AutoCAD operators to obtain a profile that best suites their needs.

Stair Treads and Recaps
In most renovation situations, replacing a staircase is simply not the most economical or convenient solution.  Stair treads or recaps can transform a carpeted staircase or refresh the look of existing stairs at a fraction of the cost of replacing a staircase.  Treads or recaps can be installed. over exising stairs without disturbing drywall, paint or structure and are far more convenient, since at no point during the process are the stairs inaccessible.

Our treads and recaps for open and closed staircases are manufactured unfinished using solid select hardwood.  No veneers.  No plywoods.  No laminates.  Please consult our sales staff regarding prices and availability or visit our showroom to see samples.

Custom Knife Grinding
If you require mouldings that match an existing profile, we can grind knives to match your specifications. There is a fee for this service, which varies with the size and complexity of the design. The knives remain the property of Eastwood Wood Specialties Ltd.

CNC Products
We use CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routing to cut and shape wood material in the manufacturing of high grade products.  Using CNC routing equipment controlled by our programmers and skilled operators, we are able to make precision cuts to produce various solid hardwood products such as trophy mounts and customized cutting boards.

Set-Up Charges
For small quantities of special run/custom mouldings, set-up charges apply. This is a flat rate determined by the manufacturing process required to produce your mouldings.

When ordering a special run moulding, please allow for extra footage to accommodate waste. Footage shortages in the material ordered will require inevitable delays and additional set-up charges. Please measure carefully.

All our mouldings are available in random lengths. Orders will be comprised of varied lengths from 6 feet to 16 feet . Specified lengths may be purchased at a premium. Please call our sales staff for pricing and availability.

A 50% deposit is required on custom/special run products.

Moulding samples, literature and information are free upon request.